Indigenous Language Art Competition 2021

Create an artwork featuring the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language of your local area!

Find out what your local Indigenous language is, and then create an artwork inspired by the landscape, plants or animals of the land where the language is spoken. Include the name of the language in the artwork.

This fantastic interactive map of Australia’s first languages can help you find the local Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language. If you can’t find the local language, please contact First Languages Australia – they can help or suggest an alternative.

DON’T write your name on your entry.

After you’ve created your entry, scan or take a photo or screenshot of your artwork and upload it below. Enter the language name and describe your artwork in the Description box. E.g. “The local language where I live is Gubbi Gubbi. This is my picture of a beach near where I live in Queensland.”

Opens: 27 May 2021, 9am (AEST)

Closes: 30 July 2021, 5pm (AEST)

Enter the competition and read more about the rules here

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