Kirli Saunders

My name is Kirli Saunders and I am a proud Gunai woman who resides in Dharawal Country.
I explore First Nations history, culture, community and Country through my work. The themes of my picture book, The Incredible Freedom Machines include freedom, boundary breaking, journeys, adventure and growth. I like the whimsical feel of this book – I think it captures the freedom that comes with riding and surfing.

My work is most often inspired by the Earth, I love to write about Country and our connection to her. So much of my time is spent in the ocean surfing, doing yoga or riding and walking through the bush so its only fitting that she (Mother Earth) would feature in my stories. Outside of the earth, I like to capture my experiences and the experiences of my family and loved ones.



  • What do you like about Kirli’s poems?
  • What are some of the ways that Kirli represents her love for the earth throughout her work?
  • Everyday, Kirli loves to take time to write on the train, where would you like your art-making process to take place?

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