Pinjar (Lake) Joondalup

Watch the video about Lake Joondalup and discuss, contemplate and answer the following questions:

  1. What is Lake Joondalup the shape of?

A: The spirit woman Charnock’s foot.

2. How were the stars formed by the Joondalup spirit?

A: They were spirit children returned from Charnock’s long white hair, flung into the sky to become stars.

3. What does Joondalup mean?

A: The Lake is named Joondalup because it means place of the long white hair, or place of the water that glistens. You can see the spirit Charnock’s long white hair reflected in Pinjar Joondalup’s waters on nights with the full moon.

4. What sorts of food around the Pinjar has been eaten by Birrit Noongar people?

A: yakkan (turtles), marli (swans), kooyar (frogs), gilgie (freshwater crayfish), yonga (kangaroo), weitj (emu), kwenda (bandicoot), roots, fungus, nuts, fruits, flowers and seeds.

See also the comprehension sheet on Pinjar Joondalup, suitable for years 6-10.


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