Poetry – Star Swapping

Proud Gunai Woman and award-winning international writer, Kirli Saundersshares her beautiful poem titled Star Swapping.


Star Swapping

~ For Pip across the seas.

When we were little,
my sister and I would close our eyes
and ask each other
about the colours
we could see

swapping stars
in the dark
lashes fusing
noses scrunching
and softening
as we spoke

back then
we didn’t have a name for the universe

no explanation
of her expanse and depth

the constellations
were contemplations
we hadn’t arrived at yet

and now we have
there’s a sea between us

as I rest in savasana
I watch the sky unfolding
her width and wilderness
my own calm creation

in this space my attention
flows to those stars
to their glowing edges
and illumination

strung to our connection
I sail one across the water
to night’s depths of sleep
were her eyes are sealed
I hope we speak
in silent ways
as sisters do
I hope for all times
she sees
it too.


Star swapping is beautifully written and can be used here as an example of writing about the experience of exploring the sky and thinking about its form and features.

Use this poem to encourage and inspire written creations by your students in both Primary and Secondary levels.

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