Stories of the Earth, Animals, Sky and Waterways – Jajoo Warrngara – The Culture Classroom


Students begin this lesson by investigating why Aboriginal stories exist and the varied ways in which they are transmitted. They go on to explore the many ways that Wägilak people share stories and consider the lessons arising from the stories. They base their exploration on the distinction drawn between, ‘getting the story in your mind’ and ‘getting the story in your heart,’ and implications this has on developing harmony between Country and people. From here, students look at the concept of two-way learning and sharing as exemplified in the book. By considering the difference between Wägilak and Western ways of learning, students deepen their understanding of the reasons Aboriginal stories exist. They research their own local language group, and meet with Elders to further their understanding of the connection between language and Country, and the boundaries that exist for the different nations on whose land their school resides.


At the heart of Jajoo Warrngara are the communities that lead the work on Country. We would like to acknowledge the storyteller Roy Ashley Waṉapuyŋu and the Wägilak custodians who proudly shared this story, and pay our respects to the Elders past and present. As part of this learning experience, please note with your students that Mr Waṉapuyŋu has since passed away, and that approval for his image and name has been granted by his family in line with naming of deceased protocols. The credits for illustrations and community media can be found in the media resources or at the back of the Gandjaḻaḻa: The Sugarbag Hunter Multi-touch Book.

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