Winmalee High School

My artwork represents our footprint on the country and how we are in fact NOT caring for Country the way we should be. It means that we as a black and white society need to educate each other on how one group of people did one thing and how we can teach each other the pros and cons of each others methods of Caring for Country. It comes back to the subject of Caring for Country when the black person (top) is walking forward and leaving a small time of uncertainty (scattered dots) and a short time of unease and then everything recovers whereas when the white person (bottom) is walking forward they leave a longer time of uncertainty and an infinite time of unease, this may not just be in our country but overseas as well (hence the body of water in between the two).

Reconciliation means …the restoration of friendly relationships between all people. Respecting and caring for each other despite our colour or cultural background.

Artist: Max Harris – Year 9

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