Baiames Ngunnhu – the story of Brewarrina Fish Traps

Watch Baiames Ngunnhu – the story of Brewarrina Fish Traps

Guiding questions:

  1. According to the Dreaming story, as told by Aunty June Baker, what was Baiame responsible for? (Baiame was responsible for creating the ‘holes’ of water when he dug into the hard rock chasing the black fish. He also created the bending shape of the river as a result of him chasing the black fish)
  2. The Dreaming story says that Baiame returned to the river with his two sons. Why did he do this? (He found out about the drought and famine)
  3. Explain, in your own words, how Baiame helped the people overcome the drought.(He and his two sons lifted heavy rocks and placed them out in the water in the shape of a large fishing net (ngunnhu). This caused the people to hold a corroboree. The stomping of feet caused the dust to rise upward towards the moon who filled the clouds with rain. As the rain fell the fish traps filled with water.)
  4. Why are Dreaming stories so important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples? (Dreaming stories explain how our Country came to be and is a way to pass down important knowledge)


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