The people of the Narran Lakes (Dharriwaa) with Brenda McBride

Watch The people of the Narran Lakes (Dharriwaa) with Brenda McBride

Guiding questions:

  1. What does Dharriwaa mean? (Meeting place)
  2. How did Aboriginal groups know when to come to Dharriwaa? (A change in season, grasses became greener bringing wildlife, food sources were in abundance)
  3. What resources did Dharriwaa provide to people who travelled there? (Emu meat and eggs, kangaroo meat and skin, birds like ducks, fish in the summer)
  4. Why was the river system significant to Aboriginal people? (Aboriginal people travelled along the river to ensure access to water and food)
  5. What measures have been put in place to protect this area for now and into the future (It has become a nature reserve ensuring artefacts are protected)
  6. Name one or more items that traditional Aboriginal people traded in this area? (Coloured rocks, kangaroo hide, emu meat, fur, medicines)

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